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 List of Who Needs What

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PostSubject: List of Who Needs What   Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:47 pm

I'm taking over this list from the previous forum admin. since I think it's important to have a quick reference about who needs what materials within the guild based on the main skill being used at the time. Please contact me if/when your priorities change so I can keep this list up to date.

It will be up to each person to decide whether to "gift" or "sell." But if selling materials, please ask within guild beforehand to give us a chance to buy first.

List of active guild members and their current material requirements (if known):

Kerowyn - Refiner / Blacksmith
I always have a need for iron ore/ingots, but I'll take any ores if no one else in the guild wants them. Lately, armors are requireing fine leather straps, so either fine leather or fine leather straps would be appreciated.

Solenius- Casual Weaver
Wool is most appreciated, but cobwebs and cheap leathers are helpful, too, BUT check with Cranston or Gemtigress, first before sending.

Cranston - Herbalist/Potions
He is generally looking for poison or white herbs. Let him know if you have a pet with an herb patch and/or if you're up for running a dungeon with him like something adv so that he can try for poison herbs.

Gemtigress - Weaver
If you have cheap leathers, you can send them to her or Cranston. Generally, Cranston is collecting cheap leathers for Gemtigress. (Yes, they are a couple.)

ahihula (ahitichi, ahipuachi, aliiahiwela, and other "ahi" versions) - Metallurgist / ???
ahi seems to have a good hold on her own skills, but if she says something otherwise, I'll make it known here on the list.

Cutena - Refiner/Blacksmith
Needs ores

Secretshino: ???

Marzy - Blacksmith/???
Needs ores, particularly iron.

Shuihuo - Cook

Sylmarinn - Blacksmith/Refiner
Needs ores

TD108 - Blacksmith/Refiner/Metallurgist
Even though he does metallurgy, iron is always in high demand for a smith. For now, could also use common leathers/common leather strap.

If you know someone's specialty or what they need, tell me in the game and I'll be sure to put it on the list.

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List of Who Needs What
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