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 Skill combos anyone?

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the Apprentice
the Apprentice

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PostSubject: Skill combos anyone?   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:40 pm

What are some various combos you use? Mainly making this thread so people can try out different things in combat to see what suits them.

Some of the ones I use:


N+N+Blaze (begin charging the second your second attack hits, and release right after you hear the skill click)

This is how you can train up that knockdown requirement on Blaze. Blaze can hit into the 10000s at high ranks if you work with it correctly and use a combat wand. Problem I have is in finding a follow up to the blaze, since it seems to force a delay after it.

(Any bolt spell), Counter

If you havent learned this yet, i advise you do quickly. Ice and Lightning result in most monsters coming in to get hit by counter, while fire works on things with Mana Deflector. Be aware when using fire-counter on ogres and golem, as they may stop in front of you and use stomp. Works with any weapon, altho wands can generally make the best out of it as they can either make the bolt spell a slight bit stronger multiple charges, make the charges cost less, or charge faster depending on the wand, as well as giving a small increase in the bolt's range if you knock it back.


Lance Charge, N+N+Smash, Ice Bolt, Ice Bolt, Lance Charge.

I usually use Lightning Bolt since mine loads faster than my Ice. And you can do this with a shield and 1-handed weapon if you use defense after the charge (thanks choco for testing).

N+N+Smash, Assault Slash, WM

This can work with most any weapon, altho AS can be finicky with its max range after a Smash depending on the timing and ranks. Getting the monster against a wall can fix that tho.


Effective at clearing mobs when youre strong with your WMs. Be aware that the second WM is likely to result in you getting hit if the combo doesnt kill the main target however.


Charging Strike, Spinning Uppercut, Drop Kick, Tumble, Focused Fist, Somersault Kick, Pummel, Tumble, repeat.

This combo allows an infinite chain of strikes basically at their max power. CS gets in the first blow quickly, SU can drop their defense and protection (remember that it can drive their stats into negatives, adding more damage), Drop Kick pushes the mob away, combining with Tumble to make more time to charge FF (timing and direction are key here. Too soon and youll miss, too late and you get hit), getting more hits out of SK, then even more with Pummel. Can also throw in an ice/lightning bolt after the drop kick if they try to charge a skill, since it will often make a monster use a normal melee attack, causing them to run in range for you to FF them.
Switching SU with SK first also works well if youre fighting a doppelganger, shadow alchemist or monster than uses magic, as it can lock them from doing so (can completely shut down everything short of melee with a doppelganger or shadow/arat alchemist)


Flame Burst, Sand Burst, Flame Burst, Sand Burst, Flame Burst, etc.

This is mostly dependent on if you wanna rank Sand Burst, since it only works on things that are blinded. Could also toss in a Heat Buster if you have it.
And the higher your flame burst rank is here, the better. At r5 you get a 4 second burn and at r1 a 5 second burn. Could also try wind blast instead of sand burst if your rank there is high enough, but youre working against the pressuring of wind burst overuse. Use it too much and it breaks for a time, leaving you open after a flame burst if you dont flame spam.

Water Cannon, Water Cannon, Wind Blast.

Alchemy seems to be the most easily affected by lag, since its more about control of a single monster's distance from you than other combat styles. the higher your WC is, the stronger and faster it can be, the higher your WB, the farther the monster will fly (and can result in more hits before needing to use it again if high enough rank), and Chain cylinder can get you more power out of a WC when it activates. Experiment a bit with this a bit to gauge a distance when you need to use WB before using this in more serious combat. And dont forget you can load WB while stunned if needed.

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the Skilled
the Skilled

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PostSubject: Re: Skill combos anyone?   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:47 pm

N+N+Smash won't work if you dual wield fast speed weapons (dual-wielding cuts the stun time in half) and with normal speed it would require fantastic timing and no lag. With a single wield weapon it is easier to pull off, especially with slow/slowest weapons.

The backing away for a windmill isn't needed really, but I do often follow up Assault Slash with Windmill.

Marzy suggested I post what I do, so here goes. I'll add more as it occurs to me.

Key: N=Normal Attack, WM= Windmill, AS= Assault Slash, CA= Counterattack, D= Defense, IB= Icebolt/= use either or
Dual-wielding Daggers:

(I'll add more as I remember)

Using Final Hit to survive multiaggro:
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Skill combos anyone?
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