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 Homestead Use

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the Apprentice
the Apprentice

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PostSubject: Homestead Use   Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:41 pm

All of you are free to use anything on my homestead assuming im on (i usually am) and not busy (im normally not very much).
I have:
Loom and Spinning Needle.
Chopping Blocks.
Honeycomb rock (do enough alchemy and youll have use of it maybe).
Furnace and Anvil.
Various herbs (it is very rare i need any of them myself. Altho generally Fel gets first pick of them, I kinda call them first come first serve...).
Fishing pond.
Paint mixing kettle (In case you want your house that one specific shade of fuschia... or hot pink... or plum).

The only things on that list that i DONT have the corresponding booster decoration for are the loom and wheel, so about anything there can help you as needed. And I also guess that most of you likely also have your own places stocked with whatever you use, but i'm making it known my place is open for use as well.
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Homestead Use
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