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 Craftsmen Guild Forum Guidelines

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PostSubject: Craftsmen Guild Forum Guidelines   Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:33 am

Please read the following guidelines carefully. Let's work together to make our guild forum a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where we can support and motivate each other.

1. Forum courtesy: Basically, be polite. No bashing other people or their ideas or their posts, etc. Treat everyone with respect no matter how new or experienced.

2. Keep on topic: If a discussion sparks a new idea, please start a new topic instead of posting on the same topic. And don't spam the forums either. If you have nothing to add that is related to the topic, don't post on it for no reason. Moderators reserve the right to edit/move/delete threads that veer off topic or contain spam.

3. Event Propriety: Do not interfere in another person's event. Any guildie is welcome to sponsor an event by posting it on our calendar. But if you start an event on the guild calendar, you are responsible for it's marketing, prize distribution, and rules enforcement. Although other guildies may choose to help you gather prizes, market, or advise PRIVATELY, the event organizer should be the only one calling the shots on the thread. The ONE exception is Kerowyn, who will moderate any posts that break forum guidelines.

4. Keep personal stuff in private messages: Sometimes, a discussion strays off into a dialogue (friendly or argumentative) between two different people. Please use the "Messages" option provided through the forums or converse through private messages in-game (not guild chat). Public forum posts should be reserved for topics that relate to the general Craftsmen community.

5. Self-Awareness: Although you can edit your own posts, keep in mind that once something is posted, anyone can potentially read it. Don't post anything that you do not want made public. We will not edit any posts unless they break forum guidelines.

If you suspect someone has broken these guidelines please bring it to Kerowyn's attention.

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Craftsmen Guild Forum Guidelines
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